Discipleship is at the heart of our ministry strategy for our church. Jesus clearly calls us all to be disciples. Luke 9:23 is one of the best examples of what discipleship means. "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me." This is a costly commitment, but it is the call to a life like no other.

At East Side, we take this call seriously. All adults should be involved in a discipling relationship and should be in a small group. Our goal is to get you connected to other adults who are walking in God's Word and to help you become all God intends for you to become.

Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups are groups that meet on Sunday mornings from 9 - 10am before our worship service for the purpose of connecting and Bible teaching. MESSAGE PASTOR CHAD for information on Connect Groups.

Discipleship Groups

A D-Group is a gender-specific, closed group of 3-5 believers that meet weekly for 12-18 months for accelerated spiritual transformation. 

• Give yourself fully to the Lord during this time as you anticipate a season of accelerated spiritual transformation.

• Meet weekly as a D-Group (60-90 minutes). When unable, you will stay involved through sharing H.E.A.R. Journals and prayer requests.

• Commit to the five weekly disciplines (Bible Reading, H.E.A.R. Journals, Scripture Memory, Accountability, and Prayer.) 

• Contribute to a group atmosphere of confidentiality, honesty, and transparency.

• Pray weekly for fellow D-Group members and those in your life who don’t know Jesus.

• Pray and look for those in your life who you could invite into your new D-Group once this current group multiplies

The goal of you being in a D-group is that you will GROW in your relationship with Jesus and others, by becoming more missional, accountable, reproducible in discipleship, communal, and scriptural.


Join Pastor Chad Mann and Emily Watson in their weekly podcast as they discuss what Discipleship is and how you can be a part! Links are below to wherever you listen to podcasts, or click the YouTube icon to watch the discussion. Start your discipleship journey today!

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