what is worship?

One of the best definitions I have ever heard concerning worship was given at a State conference in TX where the speaker directed us to think of worship in this capacity: "True Worship exists for the believer when we turn our minds attention and our hearts affection on Jesus Christ - for who He is and what He has done". This means that worship is less about the elements of our liturgy or services and more about the mindset of the believer as they enter corporate worship. It is to that end that we want to design our corporate worship gatherings to encourage the believer to be able to thrive in this mindset. At East Side, we design and build these gatherings through elements of prayer, praise, reflection, meditation on scripture, and expression of our heart to God as a body of believers.

So what does that tangibly look like? The style of our worship through music differs from week to week based on what message is being shared. In our 10:30am service you will find anything from traditional hymns to blended hymns to contemporary, incorporating praise team, choir, band, and orchestra. Our desire is that our church, community, and numerous people groups beyond the reaches of our city will experience the richness of a relationship with Christ.
We believe that corporate gatherings are built for such a purpose

There are many ways to be a part of this expression of the love, grace, and mercy of Christ through your talents and gifting. Our music (choir, band, orchestra), tech (sound/videography), and creative (storyboard/editing) teams visibly drive this ministry. If you want to know more or find a place to start - click below and start the journey! We can't wait to join you in your calling as we minister here at East Side!