East Side Students exists to help 6-12 graders to gather together to worship Jesus, grow together as we follow Jesus, and go together as we share Jesus with 6,500 students in the River Valley. We are about one name and it's the name of Jesus. Led by an awesome group of leaders, our desire is for students to fall madly in love with Christ and His word, to live out their faith daily on their campuses and in the circles of influence in which God has placed them. 

If you have any questions or would like to connect with our student ministry, please email JOSH MEEH.


Parents of east side students - check this out

For parents of those in our Student Ministry, we wanted to create a way that we could easily communicate with you without having to check websites, social media, or multiple other locations. The easiest way for us to do that is through an app for your smartphone called GroupMe.

By CLICKING HERE you will be redirected to a form to fill out the basic information we need to get you into this communication tool. By signing up, it allows our team of pastors and leaders to be able to communicate with you as parents immediately about what is happening in our student ministry, event reminders, arrival times from trips, and general important communication. If you aren't sure how to create a GroupMe account, you can visit this WikiHow Page to create your account. All you need to do after that is download the app on your phone through the Apple Apps Store or through the Google Play Storefront for Android devices, sign in, make sure your form has been submitted, and we will get you set up from there. Make sure to turn notifications on so you will be aware of incoming communication!

Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to have this open line of communication with you as parents and thank you for allowing us the privilege to encourage and point your student to Christ through the student ministry here at East Side!