Information on Location & Project Opportunities:

Community Rescue Mission (this team will break up into smaller teams on site): pulling weeds, spreading mulch, trimming bushes, attaching shingles to roof of shed, spray painting metal fence, painting wood fence, organizing pantry (Team Leader: Lee Easley)

Arkansas Family Alliance: picking up donated furniture & delivering it to families in need (Team Leader: Kevin Wright)

First Choice Pregnancy Medical Center: Washing & detailing mobile unit (Team Leader: Steve Kesner)

Connected Foster Care: Wash & detail agency vehicles (Team Leader: Byron Paschal)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Organizing & prepping materials for upcoming event (Team Leader: Daniel Goh)

Local Fire Stations: Assembling in Annex & delivering gift baskets to 11 local fire stations (Team Leader: Neal Martin)

East Side Campus (this team will break into smaller teams on site): Repainting curbs, replacing basketball rims in parking lot, building & hanging sound panels in Connection Center, sanitize Food Pantry refrigerator & freezer (Team Leader: Denny Wood)

Kids Ministry for ages 5 & below available - drop off in playland.

Kids ages 6-12 can participate alongside an adult.

All participants will meet in the Annex at 8:15am