Kansas City - New City church

Kansas City Missions is aimed at the partnership we have with Ray and Abbi Peoples. East Side was the sending church for their church plant with the SEND initiative through the North American Missions Board (supported by our giving to the cooperative program). As a church, we took the responsibility of sending Ray and Abbi and their family to reach the lost in Kansas City in 2017. You can hear more about their story below.


- Pray for those that have been recently baptized and their continual spiritual growth

- Pray for wisdom in leading gatherings and ministry as COVID Numbers are rapidly increasing in their area

- Pray for continual connections with those that have visited the church during the pandemic

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KC MINISTRY OVERVIEW - For a brief video overview of what's happening in KC check out the informational video below from Ray Peoples! Hear about some of the amazing things that God is doing as we partner with Kansas City and New City Church!

International Mission Board

The International Mission Board, which is the international mission’s arm of the Southern Baptist Convention exists to take the gospel to places, people groups, and cultures that don’t know of Jesus Christ. We partner with IMB by joining their missionaries in the field on mission trips and by giving through the cooperative program. Last year alone – 89,325 people came to salvation through the missions efforts of 3,623 missionaries worldwide. As we ended 2020 we had a focus on our partnership with IMB, which led us to participating in a worldwide Week of Prayer which you can found by CLICKING HERE. This prayer focus served to help us be intentional in asking God for the nations, reminding us of the ongoing gospel work happening around the globe, and by unifying us in prayer around the furtherance of the gospel. If you missed praying with us and learning about international missions, please take a moment to check it out, watch the videos, and pray through the accompanying PDF that guides you in focused prayer! It will help you understand the broad nature of the gospel needs! 

Care Portal and Connected Families

CARE PORTAL: Visit their website by CLICKING HERE

Care portal is a primary ministry arm of Arkansas Family Alliance which creates a platform to connect churches and child welfare agencies to address the needs of hurting children and families. This technology uses a geographically-based email system that strategically addresses all areas of child welfare in a framework we call The Grid. These areas include helping prevent families from entering state care, foster care, adoption, and kids aging out of the system.


  1. We continue to serve families in crisis through CarePortal. Pray the churches that partner with us continue to add more people and pray that other churches come on board. The goal is to serve more families together as the local Church in 2021 because we have more people involved.
  2. In partnership with Connected and the state of Arkansas, AFA is tasked with supporting local foster families by equipping and encouraging. Pray that we hold them up well as they hold up the children from hard places.
  3. We continue to plan for 2021. We will continue to do the things that have been successful in supporting children and families in crisis but will also add new initiatives. Pray God gives us creativity to do so as well as financial support to further our mission.
  4. Ultimately we want to bring families in crisis hope. Families are in crisis now more than ever due to the current pandemic. We know that we can meet physical needs to bring them temporary hope but our greatest desire is to bring them hope that isn’t temporary but eternal. Pray we show the people we serve the eternal hope of Jesus.


You can get get in touch with Connected Foster Care through filling out our interest form by CLICKING HERE!



Connected Foster Care (the foster care division of Arkansas Baptist Children's Home and Family Ministries) exist to equip foster families to say yes to children from hard places. We place children in the highest quality foster homes because they are provided the highest quality professional services and practical support needed to successfully meet a child’s needs. Our goal is to have an eternal impact on the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Our homes become a place of hope and healing, not just a temporary landing place for children.

          1. For more families to say "yes" to fostering.

          2. Pray for kids to say "yes" to Christ. 

          3. Pray for foster home marriages to be strengthened during this Covid pandemic.

          4. Pray for birth families to be open to friendship with Connected so they can support them and have gospel conversations.

          5. Pray for the launch of East Side's Foster Families Ministry starting in 2021.


You can get get in touch with Connected Foster Care through filling out our interest form by CLICKING HERE!

Ogden, Ut - Redemption Church

Being on mission in Ogden Utah is something we are thankful to be a part of alongside Redemption Church and pastors Bobby Wood, Daniel Savage, and Nick Erickson. In this ongoing missions partnership, we have sent teams, and will send future teams who carry the sole purpose of sharing the gospel with the community in Ogden and beyond. Take a moment today and pray over these prayer requests:

- Pray for the pastors as they lead Redemption Church Utah and network with other
   church planters in the Salt Lake City area.
- Salt Lake City and the surrounding area is booming - lots of people moving to the
   area for jobs. Pray that new residents here would be reached by the gospel, and
   that the Lord would continue to bring laboreres for the harvest through that influx
   of people as well
- We have a budding Young Adult Ministry. Pray that our young singles and couples
   would get plugged into ministry, find fellowship, and fulfill the call God has placed
   on their lives.
- COVID has caused major restrictions to the way we do outreach. Pray that we
   would find creative ways to reach out to our community with the gospel
- Pray for the church plants we are supporting. These brand new churches in
   Morgan, Syracuse, Farmington, West Haven, and Logan are planting seeds and
   faithfully serving their communities in very hard places
- Pray for us as we seek to possibly bring on a part time Family Minister. This
   person would be the point person for the teams we already have in place in
   children, youth, and young adult ministry.

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We have put together a brief video that recaps our involvement with Redemption Church and their ministry to the people of Ogden and the surrounding communities. Take a quick look at what God is doing by CLICKING HERE!



River Valley Christian Life Corps

River Valley Christian Life Corps (or RVCLC for short) is a ministry that exists to equip women and men for life and employment within a Christian context, where women mentor women and men mentor men. This life-on-life discipleship driven through the application of mentorship allows a practical and powerful way to share the gospel within our community. To learn more about RVCLC, You can visit their website by CLICKING HERE!



  • The new Life Skills Program curriculum, that it equips & guides the students to a deeper understanding of God's will.
  • Students of the Life Skills Program. For God to send them, for them to be committed for the 10 weeks to the program, and to their one-on-one meetings with their mentors.
  • Teachers for the Life Skills Program.  For God to send them, equip and use them to speak life into the students.
  • Mentors for the students of the Life Skills Program and for the participants joining RVCLC for mentoring services only to have discernment and commitment.
  • Volunteer positions filled: Board members, Site Coordinator, Office Manager, Mentee Activities Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Community Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator.


If you would like to be informed of missions opportunities that East Side will be conducting alongside RVCLC or would like to be a part of mentoring in a Christ centered capacity, sign up by CLICKING HERE!

We have put together a brief video that recaps our involvement with RVCLC and their ministry to the community within the city of Fort Smith and the surrounding communities. Take a quick look at what God is doing by CLICKING HERE!